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Download Template Information Document for Cap / Floor

We encourage you to read this blank version of the document before any real transactions in order to speed up the process at the deal time.

Maximum Costs for Cap / Floor



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Request document

Request document

Please complete the request form If you wish to receive a Key Information Document of a discontinued product or an old version of a Costs and Charges grid.

Costs shown on KID and in the cost grid represent a reasonable estimate of maximum aggregated costs that a client might incur under normal market conditions. Where calculating costs and charges on an ex-ante basis, the Bank has used actually incurred costs as a proxy for the expected costs and charges.

In some cases, the effective costs and charges may be higher than as indicated in the costs and charges grid or in the KID posted on this website (i.e. KIDs for Flexi Forwards, FX Forwards, FX Swaps and Non-Deliverable Forwards).  In such case, your Global Markets representative shall inform you thereof prior to executing the transaction(s).

When dealing or offering FX and IRD OTC derivatives presented on this website, note that costs related to investment and/or ancillary services and third party payments paid or received both amount to 0% (0€).