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The editor of this Website is:

BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV
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BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV is a credit institution under Belgian law submitted to the prudential control of the Belgian National Bank and to the supervision on investor and consumer protection of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV is recognised in capacity as insurance agent under FSMA number 25789 A and acts as intermediary for AG Insurance SA-NV.

The supervisory authorites are:

Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA)
Rue du Congrès/Congresstraat 10-16
B-1000 Brussels - Belgium

The National Bank of Belgium
Boulevard de Berlaimond/Berlaimontlaan 14
B-1000 Brussels - Belgium
VAT BE 0203.201.340 - RPM/RPR Brussels

Contents of the Website/Material

The information and material on this Website are provided for information purposes only and do not in any way constitute an offer regarding any financial, banking, insurance or other products and/or services. An exception is made for an offer to sell or requests for offers to sell financial instruments or securities, provided that the offers are subject to an express publication in this respect via a prospectus on this Website. Any offer is limited to the countries or jurisdictions expressly mentioned therein and persons from any other country or jurisdiction who have access to, visit or use the Website may not take such an offer into consideration.

The information and material contained on this Website are not intended to provide any advice in particular including but not limited to financial, tax, accounting or legal advice.

The Bank shall take all steps to check and update the information and material contained on this Website regularly and to verify the reliability and sincerity of their sources. Therefore, the information and material posted on this Website are subject to change. Nevertheless, the Bank cannot guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, comprehensiveness or timeliness of any information or material included or referred to in this Website; nor can it guarantee that this information or material shall be adapted for a specific purpose, or the reliability or sincerity of their sources. The Bank, its related companies, companies in the group to which the bank belongs, their directors, employees and/or representatives shall not in any circumstances be held liable, on any grounds whatsoever, whether contractually or otherwise, for any direct or indirect loss you may incur arising from having accessed, visited or used this Website, except in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct attributable to them, as well as in the case of misleading, inaccurate or contradictory information in relation to a financial instrument issuance prospectus.

Intellectual Property Rights

The information and material on this Website are protected by the intellectual property rights to which the Bank, its related companies, companies in the group to which the Bank belongs or third parties are entitled or which they may claim. You may not reproduce or print this information or material except for strictly personal and non-commercial use, provided that you retain all notices referring to these intellectual property rights. You undertake not to distribute or sell this information or material in any form or by any means without the prior formal written consent of the Bank.

Privacy Protection

(Belgian Act of 8 December 1992 on privacy protection in respect of personal data processing)
Please note that the Bank is responsible for processing the personal data collected through this Website.

As a visitor to or user of this Website, you agree with the registration and processing by the Bank and its related companies or companies in the group to which the bank belongs of the personal data relating to you for the following purposes: compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory provisions, particularly in the prevention of money laundering and of the financing of terrorism, the management of contractual and pre-contractual relationships, the prevention of misuse and fraud, the preparation of statistics and tests, staff training, service quality control, canvassing or direct marketing for financial, banking, insurance and/or other products promoted by the Bank, its related companies or companies in the group to which the Bank belongs.

You agree that these data may be provided to any of the Bank's related companies or companies in the group to which the Bank belongs, to sub-contractors, external service providers (outsourcing) and other staff or people by virtue of a Belgian or foreign legal requirement or if due to a legitimate reason. You also agree to such provision of this information in the aforesaid conditions, even when the intended recipient is established in a country that is not a European Union Member State, which may or may not guarantee an adequate level of protection. You consent to these sub-contractors and external service providers of the Bank, whether established in Belgium or abroad, disclosing the personal data concerning you to any competent Belgian or foreign authority, in accordance with a legal requirement applicable in the country where these sub-contractors and externalised service providers have an establishment. This consent is also valid when involving a country that is not a European Union Member State that may or may not ensure an adequate protection level. The related companies or those belonging to the group of which the Bank forms part, as well as their agents or brokers duly authorised for this purpose, may in the capacity of being responsible for processing use the personal data provided by the Bank for the purposes of preventing any misuse or fraud, for canvassing and direct marketing and for any other specified purposes. In the event the Bank asks you for personal information and you do not wish to reply, such a refusal could prevent the initiation of contractual relations. Within the Bank, its related companies or companies in the group to which the bank belongs, access to your personal data collected through this Website is restricted to persons who require the data in performance of their duties. You are entitled to request, in writing or via the Website and free of charge, that the Bank, its related companies or companies in the group to which the bank belongs cease to use your personal data collected through this Website for canvassing and direct marketing purposes.

You have the right to access your personal data and request they be rectified if they are inaccurate. To exercise this right, all you have to do is send the Bank a written request in this respect, duly dated and signed, to the abovementioned address.

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All information and material transmitted to the Bank through this Website shall be processed in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions with respect to confidentiality.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Access to, the visiting and the use of this Website, together with these General Terms and Conditions, are subject to and shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with Belgian law. The Courts of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute relating thereto, without prejudice to the Bank making choice of any other court having jurisdiction on such a dispute under any applicable law.

Any legal action in relation to the access, the visit or the use of the Website must be commenced no later than one year after the cause of action arose.

Severability and Changes

If certain provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are held to be inapplicable, the remaining provisions shall be deemed to be unimpaired and the inapplicable provision(s) shall be replaced by an applicable provision, the purport of which shall be as close as possible to that of the provision held to be inapplicable.

The Bank shall be entitled to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time, with immediate effect and without prior notice.

Liability of Third Parties

Any illicit or prohibited use of this Website, amongst others by causing damages to any software used and data provided for, by means of viruses, destruction and/or data manipulation, gives rise to civil and criminal liability.


In case the Bank would, even temporarily, not invoke or enforce any right arising out of the current General Terms and Conditions and/or having regard to the use of this Website, such lack of action on the part of the Bank shall by no means be considered as or have as consequence the resignation from or the fact to have renounced any right or claim whatsoever.








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